Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Hangover Cures: Breakfast at Lentil as Anything (Abbotsford)

A hangover cure with an ethical twist.

Abbotsford's Lentil As Anything provides what is easily among the best breakfasts to be had in Melbourne.  With or without a hangover, you are guaranteed a serious treat and what's more, it is a secret that has been overlooked by the likes of Broadsheet or Time Out Melbourne.

"So where's the bacon?" I hear you plead.  Well, Sonny Jim, there is no bacon here.  Lentil as Anything, as the name suggests, is a vegetarn restaurant.  Let's be perfectly be honest about it, if you have a full day ahead of you, bacon is not always the best option.

Hangover-friendly breakfasts include the poached eggs with rosti, semolina corn cakes with beans and poached egg, Sri Lankan farmer's breakfast, museli and sweet pancakes (as pictured to the right) so devilishly good it is a wonder the dark lord has not kept them all to himself.  Just look at that syrup!

The coffee here is magnificent as well.  It tastes all the better knowing that it is organic, fair trade.  Oh, and yours truly occasionally worked the groupers last year.  Suffice it to say that Lentil as Anything is an organisation that truly believes in the "equal opportunity" ethos.

Lentils (as it is known for short) can be found in four locations across Melbourne, however the Abbotsford Convent location is the only one that offers breakfast.  They have a "pay what you feel" payment/donation policy, and they also help many of the city's disadvantaged; be they homeless or new immigrants to Australia.  Please give generously.

Lentil As Anything
1-3 St. Heliers St  Abbotsford  Victoria
Nearest Tram Stop:  #86: Waterfront City Gardens to Bundoora (alight at Johnston St stop)
Nearest Train Station:  Victoria Park
Directions:  Both the tram and train pass over Johnston St.  Catch any East-bound bus (barring the 201 which turns onto Hoddle St - if arriving by tram at Smith St) and alight at the footbridge.  The penultimate stop has an office building to its left.  Cross the bridge and head straight.  Take the first left, passing the local primary school.  The Convent is located on the right of St. Heliers St.

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