Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Boatrocker: Ramjet (Whisky Barrlel-Aged Imperial Stout)

The Terminus Hotel, Fitzroy North (Melbourne)

Quite possibly the best beer I sampled during the 2014 Melbourne Good Beer Week.

No need for protein pills, Boatrocker's whisky barrel-aged imperial stout is as strong as Mr Roger Ramjet himself, and not just in terms of its ABV.  Ramjet has the (macrobrewery) crooks worried with its enormous Belgian chocolate character and sweet but not sugary finish.  The wooden whisky and bitterness elements shine through more and more as the beer warms: I am reminded of the bitter finish of Arbelour's single malt scotch whisky, however Boatrocker have sourced its barrels from the New World Distillery.  Unlike Roger Ramjet's 10 minute long show, this is a beer best enjoyed at a subdued, leisurely pace, otherwise you might need rescuing by the American Eagles.  In saying this, the 10% ABV is extraordinarily well hidden.

Ramjet is without a doubt a truly exciting, outstanding beer that is among the very best; perhaps even surpassing Anderson Valley's impeccable Bourbon barrel aged imperial stout (as sampled late last year).  No mean feat, it has to be said.  Vague Roger Ramjet references aside, Boatrocker Ramjet resoundingly encapsulates all facets of stout and whisky boldness.

It is worth noting that Boatrocker named this brew Ramjet not after the cartoon, rather a type of engine that utilised a secondary fuel source that provided a boost.

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