Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Golden Road: Heal the Bay IPA

Purchased from The International Beer Shop, Leederville (Perth, Western Australia)

A brilliant beer that encapsulates the California spirit.

Los Angeles' Golden Road epitomise bright, summery beers in both image and flavour. Heal the Bay IPA is an astonishing beer that encapsulates and embodies the Californian spirit and coastal living like no other has conjured..

The inspiration behind Heal the Bay IPA was found in partnering with LA's foremost ocean and beach- environmental conservation group of the same name, hence this is a very clean beer in every sense.

Heal the Bay IPA pours a colour unique to IPAs as it lays somewhere between lager and pale ale hues. On the nose the aroma is simply mind blowing. Oceanic brine collides head first with an easterly breeze bringing in earthy, slightly volcanic notes. Fresh tropical fruit is also gloriously abundant.

Upon entry, the resin factor is huge in its mouth puckering effect. As the recipe includes Nelson Sauvin, Citra and Centennial the hop character is as deep as it is complex. Beneath a deep sense of earthiness, all manner of tropical fruits shine through; especially notes of pineapple and passionfruit. A hint of paw paw precedes a torrent of walloping grapefruit-forward hop bitterness.

Heal the Bay IPA's aromatics and flavours are not the only elements that showcase Golden Road's superb brewing prowess; the mouthfeel is also rather noteworthy. The way in which the beer rolls over the tongue like the more gentler waves one might experience along the Los Angeles coastline with carbonation and smoothness that somehow strikes both lager and double IPA qualities.

Much like Wolf Among the Weeds, Heal the Bay IPA is unique, phenomenally complex and full of surprises. With a limited run hitting Australian shores, there is no time like the present to get going along the Golden Road.

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