Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Feral Brewing: Boris (Russian Imperial Stout)

Sail & Anchor Pub, Fremantle (Perth)

Another exceptional brew from WA's finest.

Russian Imperialism: one might well be forgiven for thinking that it is the force behind the invention of McDonald's, Krispy Kremes and Starbucks, given their ability to subdue the enemy.  One can only hope that Feral Brewing's totally awesome Boris does not, therefore, fall into the wrong hands.  Here is a beer so powerful it could be weaponised.

Right up front, an aroma of choc-berry strikes with brute force.  Boris is certainly among the very best in terms of its aroma alone.  The picture to the right does not tell any lies; this fantastic imperial stout is as black as the winter solstice - its head dissipates nicely leaving perfect lacing.  Best of all, Boris' mouthfeel is voluptuously dense, oily and minimally carbonated.

Chocolate is prevalent throughout this experience in aroma, colour, texture and flavour; both sweet and bitter chocolate being represented in a delicate interplay of flavour and emotion.  Subtle suggestions of berry, licorice and a less than subtle (in a good way) alcohol warmth with amped up hop bitterness follow through.

If you are lucky, you will find this sneaky Russian on tap at a good beer bar soon, however limited stocks are currently available at Mane Liquor (237 Great Eastern Hwy Belmont WA - 08 9478 3676).

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