Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Moon Dog / Garage Project: Chocolate Salty Balls

Terminus Hotel, Fitzroy North (Melbourne)

R.I.P., Mr. Isaiah Hayes!

Who can forget Chef's finest moments from the early days of South Park?  "I'm gonna make love to ya woman, gonna lay ya down bah the faiah!"  I am instantly reminded of such moments upon the name of this collaborative beer from Melbourne's Moon Dog and New Zealand's very own Garage Project breweries.

Oh yes, there is a definite aphrodisiac quality to Chocolate Salty Balls, even if it falls slightly short of being a truly outstanding chocolate stout.

On the nose there are characteristics of brine and chocolate; simple, yet elegant.

Chocolate Salty Balls' mouthfeel is, to be frank, a wee bit over-carbonated for my liking.  A smoother complexion and texture would be infinitely more preferable given its overall flavour profile, but in saying that, those who find stouts to be "too heavy" might find a lot to love here.

Aside from choc-heavy flavours coming through, there are suggestive notes of coffee, date, raisin and other dark fruit; the latter being slightly astringent and earthy in character.  Date pudding is rife in the long-lingering aftertaste.

Overall, I have to say that something is amiss, however I cannot quite put my finger on it.  Perhaps what is missing here is Isaiah Heyes himself?  Nevertheless, in spite of Chocolate Salty Balls' obvious flaws, it is a flavourful, accessible beer that is also a fitting tribute to the man who gave us so many belly-laughs over the years.

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