Wednesday, 13 August 2014

MOO Brew: Velvet Sledgehammer Seasonal Stout

Great Northern Hotel, Carlton North (Melbourne).

Or cast-iron curtain, but then is it a Russian imperial stout?

Tassie brewmeisters MOO Brew were responsible for blowing me away with their 2014 Imperial stout (enjoyed at Fremantle’s Sail & Anchor pub), and with Velvet Sledgehammer they have continued their fine vein of form.  And while not officially a Russian Imperial, this is a stout that boasts Russian military might in a glass.*

Where the former stout bomb was as smooth as a secret agent, Velvet Sledgehammer is a lot more overt, and certainly a lot less covert.  Its ABV does not hide behind a mask, its complexity comes with a full military briefing and its character is built to withstand any (nuclear) winter.

Velvet Sledgehammer is in no way sweet, which is a refreshing change given that so many imperial stouts are nowadays.  Bitter, dark fruit and burnt raisin toast characters dominate proceedings here, from the nose right through to the back palate.  The mouthfeel is unique to say the very least; low carbonation, but zesty as though it were a great deal higher.

To call this a Russian Imperial Stout would be somewhat inaccurate.  This is a future endeavour, rather than a tribute to history.

* Disclaimer:  War and war propaganda, frankly, sucks.  Won't you join me in raising a glass to peace and the concept of sharing our abundant resources (which is, of course, completely unfathomable to the "rich")?  Cheers!

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