Wednesday, 13 August 2014

Brasserie Dieu du Ciel!: Péché Mortel Imperial Stout

Terminus Hotel, Fitzroy North  (Melbourne)

The charm of mortal sin.

Péché Mortel translates from French to English as "mortal sin".  The Devil is in the detail in this excellent imperial stout from Canada's Brasserie Dieu du Ciel!  This is a beer that is as dark and as tempting as the name suggests.

There is fire, there is brimstone, and there is all that led one up to such a place.  The alcoholic fieriness, however, is as well concealed as underlying Lucifarian imagery in today's contemporary music, yet is undeniably present.  At  9.5%, I am unsure as to whether or not writer's block is as a result of Péché Mortel's potency, or as a result of divine intention invoked by the mere mention of Lucifer's name.  Spooky, no?  Either which way, this particular dark lord has a hold of me.

On the nose and in its character, cacao runs through like the molten lakes of Hell.  Mouthfeel is for the most part smooth, however there is a sinister, almost fizzy "Dance of Death" playing upon the upper reaches of my tongue.  Dance of Death is, by the way, one of Iron Maiden's finest moments (the album in its entirety and the title track).  A solid head dissipates, giving way to good lacing, which is of course fairly typical of any imperial stout.

Warm, bold chocolate characters dominate.  There / mocha there too.  So dominant are these omnipresent flavours that all is forgotten in the world of overly complex stouts; instead, these flavours are simply nigh on perfect in their attack, deliverance and balance.

In writing this, I found myself caught in a spiritual epiphany, in which light met the darkness.  I am drunk, in other words!  Indeed, this is a beer that could charm the fallen angel himself with its decadence.

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